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Shopping Local Will Make You Happy

We all know that you can't buy happiness ... but you can buy local and that is kind of the same thing here's why.

Local economy: Imagine the life cycle of a pound, to create thriving local economies we need to keep that pound circulating within your local community. Spending with local businesses is the best way to do this.

Research shows that just £10 spent with a local independent business means £50 back into the local economy. This means that you can indirectly make a big impact on your local community by simply shopping with a local business instead of a national chain.

The Environment: It hard to resist online shopping, especially with next day delivery and great prices. However, when you total the costs of that delivery on the environment, packaging and the fuel to transport the goods, buying local is much better for the environment. If that product you are buying is made or grown locally then that is even better.

Creating local jobs: When there is an increase in demand, there is always an increase in supply. Buying locally can boost the employment rates in your area by increasing the need for more workers.

Helps add character to your local area: The local businesses make your community unique. Giving personality to the high street and giving people a reason to make a special visit to your local area.

Encouraging Entrepreneurs: Shopping locally supports local entrepreneurs and by helping their businesses to grow, you’ll be helping to increase the number of jobs in your area. be helping to build the the local economy

Local business for local charities: A lot of local businesses support charities that are relevant to your area. So when you spend local you are not only helping to create thriving local economies but you are also helping the most vulnerable people in your community.

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